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GFRC memorial urn.

Custom designed GFRC memorial urn by Stromberg’s.

GFRC Memorial Products
Concrete has traditionally been used to create memorial structures, including urns, headstones, tombs and mausoleums. However, concrete, despite it being somewhat durable, does begin to be impacted by the elements and weather. Since all these memorial products are typically outdoors, this can create a problem over time. Yet, new concrete materials, such as GFRC, are addressing these issues and providing more possibilities when it comes to designing memorial products.

Benefits of Using GFRC for Memorial Products
Glass fiber reinforced concrete or GFRC offers numerous benefits that traditional concrete cannot deliver. This includes being made into any shape, size, finish, texture or color. GFRC is also very lightweight yet offers flexural strength and durability that goes well beyond heavy concrete.

With these benefits comes the advantage of withstanding extreme temperatures, fire, earthquakes, wind and rain. Standing the test of time, memorial products made from GFRC do not lose their look and may not have to be replaced.

Types of GFRC Memorial Products
Here are some examples of memorial products made by Stromberg Architectural

• Benches: Our GFRC benches can be used in memorial gardens and cemeteries as a place of quiet reflection. The benches can be inscribed or enhanced by numerous architectural details.
• Urns: Urns are typically found in memorial gardens and cemeteries in all types of sizes and designs. They can be filled with greenery or used on their own as part of a memorial building or mausoleum. With GFRC, the urns can be made to look exactly like everything from solid gold and copper to terra cotta, limestone, and concrete.
• Headstones: Headstones can be designed as any shape or size as well as be made to appear like any number of natural stones. The headstones can also be inscribed to maintain the memory of your loved one.
• Mausoleums: Larger cemetery structures like mausoleums can also be made from GFRC, including designs that emulate any architectural style and even those that are highly intricate in pattern and carvings.

These GFRC memorial products can be custom made to any size, shape, color and design specification. This is because working with Stromberg Architectural means you can order directly from the manufacturer. Our services include drawings and design assistance, CAD drawings, and models and maquettes to ensure you get exactly what you envision for your memorial site.

The GFRC memorial products can be shipped anywhere across the country or world direct from the manufacturer. Upon arrival, the GFRC memorial products are easy to move into place and install, reducing time and expense while offering the desired effect.

Free Estimates for GFRC Memorial Products
Whether you are a church, cemetery, or someone simply looking for a beautiful headstone to remember a loved one, GFRC can provide a cost-effective solution. To help you decide exactly what you want for your memorial structure or memorial product, contact us today so we can show you what is possible. To get started, simply fill out our online contact form or call 903-454-0904 for information and a free estimate.

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