GFRC Garden Furniture

GFRC table and bench.

Table and benches made from Stromberg GFRC.

Garden Furniture in GFRC
Concrete furniture has been around for a long time, but it is now being more commonly used thanks to the development of GFRC. Besides its unique look, GFRC furniture is being recognized for a number of benefits that make it a value-added solution for many design concepts, including garden furniture.

Benefits of GFRC Garden Furniture
GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, can take on the appearance of just about any type of natural stone but weighs just a fraction. Its durability and flexural strength to withstand the weather elements makes it the perfect choice for garden furniture. Whether it is extreme temperatures, rain, wind, earthquakes, fire or some other element, GFRC garden furniture is built to last.

Types of GFRC Garden Furniture
Because of its flexibility, GFRC can be made into virtually any kind of garden furniture. Here are some of the GFRC garden furniture products made by Stromberg Architectural:

• Benches: Our GFRC benches are available in a range of materials and are perfect for gardens, pool decks, and commercial applications like parks, shopping plazas, and more. They can be enhanced with a stylized and ornate design or text in a smooth or textured finish.

• Fountains and Fountain Pools: Our GFRC fountains and fountain pools can be made into any size or design to fit all garden sizes – from small residential yards to grand exterior spaces. All our designs or your own ideas are sure to create a soothing oasis.

• Gazebos: A favorite garden feature, a gazebo is a great place to enjoy a view or romantic repose. They create a comfortable place to sit and can be made as an open feature or constructed with walls for more privacy. Even Roman-inspired columns, textured roofs, finials and molding can be added to customize your gazebo.

• Planters: One way to add a lush feel to your garden is through the addition of planters that can hold trees, foliage, or flowers. GFRC planters can be made into any design, including the highly ornate, elaborate patterns, and complex shapes.

• Sculptures: Depending on how fancy you want your garden to be, we offer all types of GFRC sculptures, including animal and wildlife, classical figures, sacred and religious figures and marine life just to name a few of the choices available. They can be made into any texture – from cast iron to marble.

• Tables: Another great garden feature is a table to enjoy the view or share an outdoor meal. Our GFRC tables can be made to look like quarried stone for a unique look. The tables can be accompanied by stool or bench-style seating to complete the effect.

All of these products are custom made to your size and design specifications. Ordering direct from the manufacturer affords you the opportunity to create anything you want to fit your garden design and landscape at a wholesale price.

Free Estimates for GFRC Garden Furniture
As an innovator in GFRC, Stromberg Architectural has completed thousands of projects and custom made numerous GFRC products, including all types of garden furniture. If you are looking for a great alternative to natural stone for your outdoor garden features, fill out our online contact form or call 903-454-0904 for information and a free estimate.

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