GFRC Ecclesiastical Furniture

Ecclesiastical Furniture in GFRC

Concrete furniture has been used throughout history as a solid, durable, and classic solution to various climate, weather, and manmade conditions. One place where materials like GFRC are now being used is with ecclesiastical furniture to provide a beneficial, long-lasting, and cost-effective answer for churches and other religious structures.

Benefits of GFRC Ecclesiastical Furniture

GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) has many benefits that make it a worthwhile material for ecclesiastical furniture that comes into contact with numerous people and environmental hazards but that must withstand them and maintain their beauty when there are not funds to continually replace that furniture. GFRC does this and more.

GFRC ecclesiastical furniture can be made to look like just about anything and for furniture that is used indoors or outdoors. Nearly any type of finish can be created, including wood, marble and granite, stone and more. Although considered a very lightweight material, which makes it easy to work with and install, it has the durability and flexural strength to withstand just about anything, including constant use, weather elements, extreme changes in temperature and humidity, fire and even earthquakes.

Types of GFRC Ecclesiastical Furniture

As a truly versatile material, GFRC can be made into just about anything. Here are some of the types of ecclesiastical furniture that Stromberg Architectural can make:

  • Choir furniture, such as benches and seating, stalls, and music stands;
  • Ecclesiastical sculptures for indoors and outdoors;
  • Ecclesiastical columns and pedestals;
  • Domes, cupolas, and finials;
  • Sacred art;
  • Baptismal fonts and pools;
  • Belfries;
  • Nave furniture, including benches, chairs, lecterns, collection boxes and hassocks;
  • Sanctuary furniture, such as altars and altar rails, clergy seating, and liturgical furniture;
  • Church library furniture;
  • Churchyard benches and outdoor seating; and
  • Cemetery furniture, including seating, mausoleums, and more.

All of these ecclesiastical furniture products can be customized to your size and detail specifications. You can work with a team of GFRC specialists who understand how to design exactly what you have in mind.

Our service and support includes design, drawing, and specification assistance as well as models and maquettes, prototypes and production, and complimentary consultations. We can even install the ecclesiastical furniture, if necessary.

Stromberg Architectural has worked with a number of cathedrals, churches, and other religious organizations around the country and world, providing them with high-quality, customized GFRC ecclesiastical furniture that fits their specifications, needs, and budgets. With over 30 years of experience working with GFRC, the Stromberg Architectural team can help clients understand what works and what is possible with such a flexible material.

Free Estimates for GFRC Ecclesiastical Furniture

As a pioneer in the field of GFRC, Stromberg Architectural has a gallery full of products and examples of completed projects. If you are looking for a material that can withstand the test of time while offering aesthetically pleasing ecclesiastical furniture for your church, cathedral, seminary, religious school, mosque or synagogue, please fill out our online contact form or call 903-454-0904 to receive more information and a free estimate.

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