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Planters in GFRC

  GFRC Planters Display your greenery, blooms, small trees and shrubs in a Stromberg planter made from glass fiber reinforced concrete. The attractive selection of planters available from Stromberg will look good wherever you place them, whether inside your entryway or outside in your garden. Stromberg can produce just about any pattern you can imagine, […]

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Fountain Pools in GFRC

            Fountain Pool in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete GFRC fountain pools can be a pleasant surprise and an addition that will steal the show when added to the landscape of your resort, shopping mall or hotel. If you’re planning to add a fountain to your hospitality location, don’t forget to include […]

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Planter Bollards in GFRC

                Planter Bollards in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Planter bollards offer you both protection and greenery. Stromberg planter bollards in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) are sure to help with protection of your property, traffic diversion and added safety for pedestrians and cyclists. Stromberg planter bollards also offer […]

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