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Entryways for Hospitality in GFRC

Hospitality Entryways in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete First impressions are always important, but in business they are critical. A first impression is the foundation of a potential customer’s impression of you as a person and as a professional. In the hospitality industry, your potential client’s first impressions are formed by things like the reception they […]

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Fountain Pools in GFRC

            Fountain Pool in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete GFRC fountain pools can be a pleasant surprise and an addition that will steal the show when added to the landscape of your resort, shopping mall or hotel. If you’re planning to add a fountain to your hospitality location, don’t forget to include […]

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GFRC Entryways for the Hospitality Industry

                Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Entryways Creating stunning and distinctive entryways using glass fiber reinforced concrete is just one of Stromberg’s professional capabilities. At Stromberg Architectural Products, they know that creating a stunning and distinctive entryway for your hotel, resort or casino is what you need to make that […]

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