GFRC Wainscoting

GFRC wainscoting.

GFRC wainscoting designed by Stromberg Architectural.

Stromberg GFRC Wainscoting
Wainscoting is a special architectural feature found inside and outside of many homes and commercial structures, including hotels and restaurants, which can be used across many architectural styles. It is an additional architectural product that is now being made with GFRC, offering a seemingly endless array of choices in how it can be designed and finished.

What is Wainscoting?
Wainscoting is usually wood, vinyl or stone paneling that is typically applied to the lowest third of a wall, often in a tongue-in-groove design. The wainscoting can range from three to eight feet up the wall from the ground, depending on the desired look. At the top of the wainscoting, there is often a piece of molding that is used to protect the wall as well as to provide an additional design element.

History of Wainscoting
Wainscoting was developed as a way to hide unsightly walls that suffered from dampness. Not only did it camouflage this damage, but it also helped to reinforce the wall. Now, thanks to modern construction practices, this dampness is no longer an issue. However, wainscoting has stood the test of time as an architectural feature sill used in many structures today. And, it’s not just for indoor applications. It is often found on the exterior of buildings.

Why GFRC Works for Wainscoting
While wood and vinyl panels and even stone have been used for external wainscoting, GFRC offers many more benefits as an adaptive and versatile material. Installing wainscoting can be time-consuming, complicated, and expensive because the wood or vinyl has to be cut and processed to fit and requires a very precise process. The panels also need to be kept level and securing them can be difficult. However, GFRC is easy to work with and install because it can be made to the precise size you need. GFRC moldings can also be created to finish off the wainscoting.

GFRC can be made to look like just about anything as well as finished to match any interior design with a wide range of finishes and textures that can be used. This makes it more versatile than wood and vinyl options, especially for outdoor applications. It is easy to paint any color desired as well.

GFRC is a more environmentally friendly option because natural resources are not being used like wood, which is rapidly being depleted around the world. Being made to order also reduces the amount of waste, labor, and carbon emissions that are involved in making this wainscoting. GFRC has also been tested to determine how well it can hold up over time. It is more durable and long lasting than wood and vinyl, offering greater value over time.

GFRC is also an affordable option, which provides for the ability to use it in more structures than wood or vinyl versions, which are often very expensive. Plus, it can withstand many of the outdoor elements, such as water and wind.

Free Estimates for GFRC Wainscoting
Stromberg Architectural is a pioneer in the development of GFRC as a versatile, adaptable, and durable material that works for just about every architectural project, product, and environment. To get more information for your remodeling or construction project that involves wainscoting or any other type of architectural product, please fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904.

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