GFRC Corbels

GFRC Corbels by Stromberg

A corbel, also known as a console, is another architectural feature that can be made from many types of materials, including stone, metal, or wood. With the increasing use of GFRC, a corbel is another ideal architectural product that can benefit from the features of this construction material of choice.

What is a Corbel?

A corbel is used as a support feature for other parts of a building. It comes out from the wall and tends to hold the superincumbent weight for the structure. A corbel is very similar to a bracket in terms of its purpose.

This architectural feature has been used throughout history and was a common component of medieval architectural, classical architecture, and the Scottish Baronial style.

Corbels can be plain or decorated. Carved corbels often have some type of motif or symbol to represent the building they were attached to, including a real or imaginary animal, flowers or leaves, or human heads. Corbels can end in a point or have the appearance of forming a knot.

The Benefits of Using GFRC for Corbels

Since corbels are considered to be a supporting feature of a building, it is vital that they be made to last and be able to withstand many of the external elements that could impact that supporting role.

Although wood, metal, and stone are good construction materials, they do not have the durability and strength of GFRC. These other materials also tend to give into weather elements like rain and wind, extreme temperature changes, and seismic activity over time. Some, such as wood, are vulnerable to fire. However, GFRC does not rust or corrode. It is also more flexible so it can handle more pressure and stretching.

Unlike stone, metal, and wood, GFRC is much lighter so it does not add to the building load. The light weight makes it easy to transport and install, lowering labor costs and speeding project completion time.

GFRC can also be made to look like any of these other materials, offering extensive design freedom and the ability to be used on any type of building or architectural style. This is an ideal benefit if a certain type of material like wood is not available or if a project is looking to incorporate fewer natural resources and keep to a green building design.

The Stromberg Architectural Advantage

Stromberg Architectural is a pioneer in the field of GFRC development and use. With deep knowledge about GFRC, our team can create virtually any style of pool coping for your swimming pool construction or remodeling project. Additionally, they can create other pool and spa features with GFRC to maximize the benefits of using this material.

The team is adept at working with contractors on the design of these aspects of pools and spas. Stromberg offers everything from estimates and design meetings to on-site consulting to ensure that the project is completed as clients have envisioned it.

Estimates for GFRC Corbels

Contact us now to learn more about our GFRC corbel products and get a free estimate. You can reach us through our online contact form or by calling 903-454-0904.

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