Guide to GFRC Pool Coping

pool coping

GFRC pool coping provides lasting beauty and functionality.

GFRC Pool Coping
When you think about a swimming pool, most people think about the shape, the surface, and tile. However, another important feature in a swimming pool design is pool coping. This article introduces you to pool coping and how using GFRC can offer benefits for extending the life of this coping.

What is Pool Coping?
Also known as edging, swimming pool coping is found around an in-ground pool and spa. It looks like a cap and covers the concrete edges and rebar that comes from the pool water. This helps water from getting behind the pool shell and corroding this steel frame.

Other practical benefits include keeping the pool water flowing away from the pool when it is splashed out. It also helps those in the pool by providing them with a non-slippery surface to grab onto, if necessary.

The coping typically is designed to integrate with whatever style of pool decking you select, which can be anything from concrete and natural stone to brick or some type of synthetic material. The coping can also be embellished with stamping or some other type of decorative touch to add to the pool’s overall look.

The Benefits of Using GFRC for Coping
Since GFRC is known for its ability to be cast in thin sections and contains materials that do not rust or corrode, it is a perfect material for swimming pools where the coping repeatedly comes into contact with water. The material has also been designed to withstand numerous outdoor forces, including weather, extreme temperature changes, and seismic activity. It has also been proven to be fire resistant.

Additionally, GFRC is much lighter in weight. This means there is less load added to the pool shell that it surrounds, helping to keep that shell in place for years to come. Additionally, this benefit speeds the installation process and provides an environmentally-friendly element to the project.

The material is very flexible in terms of molding it into any shape. Offering design freedom, GFRC can also be made to look like a wide range of materials in an array of colors and textures. This provides a greater level of customization for the pool coping so it can fit the pool design and integrate with the entire outdoor landscape and adjoining structures.

The Stromberg Architectural Advantage
Stromberg Architectural is a pioneer in the field of GFRC development and use. With deep knowledge about GFRC, our team can create virtually any style of pool coping for your swimming pool construction or remodeling project. Additionally, they can create other pool and spa features with GFRC to maximize the benefits of using this material.

The team is adept at working with contractors on the design of these aspects of pools and spas. Stromberg offers everything from estimates and design meetings to on-site consulting to ensure that the project is completed as clients have envisioned it.

Estimates for GFRC Coping
Contact us now to learn more about our GFRC coping products and get a free estimate. You can reach us through our online contact form or by calling 903-454-0904.

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