Mosaics in GFRC

GRFC mosaics are designed to stand up to any weather conditions.

GRFC mosaics are designed to stand up to all weather conditions.

GFRC Mosaics

Mosaics are a unique architectural design feature that adds beauty and uniqueness to a structure whether it is a floor mosaic or a wall mosaic. There are many more applications for mosaics that are now possible thanks to the availability of flexible materials like GFRC, which expand what is possible.

Understanding Mosaics

You most likely have some idea of what a mosaic is and how they are used. Typically, it is a larger picture or design that is made from small pieces of stone, pottery, shells, colored glass or some other type of material. Rounded stones are used to create what are referred to as pebble mosaics created by the Greeks and Romans.

Throughout history, many civilizations and cultures have included mosaics as part of their building design, including many religious applications in churches and mosques as well as synagogues.

There are many ways to create a mosaic, but today’s creation of mosaics often involves careful planning and computer aided design to make these masterpieces. Production has gone as far as to use this computer aided design to direct robots to put these mosaics together. However, we still create our mosaics by hand and use GFRC to make just about any type of mosaic. Here’s how.

The Benefits of Using GFRC for Mosaics

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, known more commonly as GFRC, is a great solution for making a mosaic because it provides versatility, strength, durability and ease of use. As a lightweight material, GFRC can be applied to a wall for any type of building ornamentation without adding significantly to the building load.

Despite weighing less, GFRC is anything but a lightweight when it comes to withstanding the elements, including water, wind, and seismic activity. Under tests, GFRC has not cracked under pressure, providing long-lasting beauty.

Plus, GFRC can be made to look like anything, so your mosaic can take on the glossy look of glass or marble or it can have a more rustic charm of pebbles or other material.

The Stromberg Architectural Advantage

Stromberg Architectural has worked with GFRC for decades on a wide range of architectural products, including mosaics that have been used for a number of applications, including advertisements, building ornamentation, and corporate logos, just to name a few.

Because of our experience with GFRC, we have an extensive knowledge of how versatile the material is and how it can be used to create just about anything. That means our team can make a mosaic as large or small as desired. It also means we can make your mosaic in any color, pattern, or design for a religious or non-religious application to be used anywhere.

Call for Estimates for GFRC Mosaics

Leading the way in the manufacturing of GFRC products, Stromberg’s can create any type of mosaic you can imagine. To learn more about our GFRC mosaics or to get a free estimate, please fill out our online contact form or call 903-454-0904.

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