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GFRC sign from Stromberg's.

This custom sign from Stromberg’s truly makes a statement.

Architectural Fiberglass Signs: A Case Study of WinStar Casino
Signage is a key component of any successful business as it helps customers and potential customers find you, offers critical information, and often serves as the impression maker for your business. In this way, signage is really a make or break for a business, so it is important to have an attractive, easy-to-read sign.

The Stromberg Advantage in Architectural Fiberglass Signage
Stromberg has been making fiberglass signage for decades, paving the way for incredible advancements in the use of this architectural material to create attractive signs that truly stand out. From existing signage options to original custom signage, Stromberg can offer a wide range of attractive and durable materials, an array of color and texture choices, and options that allow you to include text, insignia, and bas relief. Stromberg has expertise across all parts of the architectural fiberglass signage process. This includes custom design development, CAD drawings, models and maquettes and installation.

WinStar Casino
WinStar Casino in Thackerville, Oklahoma was looking to revitalize itself and create something that would truly stand out. This included major renovations inside and out, showcasing a number of skills and production capabilities that Stromberg offers their clients.

The casino is truly unique, offering 11 different sections that represent various famous buildings around the world with everything from Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster to the Roman Colosseum and the Pantheon.  Throughout the entire structure, there are various signs and signage features to call attention to the casino and its various global architectural structures.

Stromberg’s created the GFRC adornment for the huge main sign at the entrance of the WinStar Casino grounds. We created the GFRC base, entablature and columns that accent the signage. The Corinthian columns were custom made as well as were the base and entablature.

Using GFRC, each aspect of the signage was customized and integrated together to create the overall standout look for the casino. With the weather conditions and inclement weather in Oklahoma, the casino needed to use a material that was highly durable and could withstand the elements. In fact,  GFRC often performs better than regular concrete. This is because it is made of minerals that will not burn or give into freeze and thaw conditions that come with extreme weather across the seasons. Also, GFRC is relatively light, which allows for great flexibility with signage.

Even better, using GFRC for signage means that the signs and signage could be created in any color or texture as well as constructed as paint grade that was easily finished with paint. The results were numerous beautiful signs that stood out and finished off the overall aesthetic of the casino, attracting customers far and wide to the renovated structure.

Furthermore, GFRC materials are environmentally friendly, including reduced impact on the environment and climate from the construction process and GFRC helps the casino operate as a socially responsible business in Oklahoma.

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