GFRC Canopies are a Cut Above the Rest

GFRC Canopies

Playing in the outdoors provides kids with fresh air and sunshine, but there are times when it is good to also offer them some shelter from the elements, especially on a hot day. GFRC canopies from Stromberg Architectural offer a number of benefits that enhance the overall effect of a play area. Here’s why:

Protection and Beauty Provided by GFRC Canopies

With a frame and cover attached overhead, a canopy does more than just offer decoration for a play area. It provides protection from certain elements, such as UV to protect everyone from the sun’s rays and a sunburn, wind, rain and snow. The shade that it gives is a relief on a hot day while a cooler day offers shelter for kids and their parents.

Beyond the protection provided by GFRC canopies, there is the architectural beauty of creating something spectacular that ties the theme of a playground or play area together. Using versatile materials means that virtually any kind of shape, color, graphics or structure can be created to match the look and feel of the play area design.

For example, one of our GFRC canopies is a beautiful butterfly canopy. Perfect for applications like an arboretum, museum, park or school playground, the colorful butterfly has a canopy made to resemble a butterfly with outstretched wings as if it is about to take flight. Meanwhile, it provides protection from the sun’s rays and offers a stunning and magical addition to any park, playground, or entertainment fun center.

The Benefits of GFRC for Play Sculptures

Stromberg’s uses glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) to construct its canopies. As the basis for the canopy’s frame, GFRC has a number of benefits that ensure a long-lasting and beautiful canopy:

  • GFRC resists water, wind, extreme temperature and UV rays.  The canopy frame is built to last for years to come while keeping that brand-new look with no cracking or breaking under pressure or continued use.
  • A GFRC canopy is lightweight, which means that they are easy to transport and install on-site.
  • GFRC is environmentally friendly, so creating a canopy from this material means you are creating a ‘green’ playground area that does not impact upon the environment like other materials.
  • GFRC is low maintenance so it is easy to take care of over time.
  • These benefits mean less time, labor, and expense over time while paying a similar price to standard canopies made from other materials.

Custom GFRC Canopies

Stromberg custom designs and makes each GFRC canopy as it does for its entire collection of playground elements and play sculptures. By working with a custom canopy company, you can get exactly what you want that suits your space and budget as well as color and design preferences. Beyond just the ability to customize the canopy, you also receive design assistance, on-site consultations, plans and renderings and help with installation.

Get a Free Estimate for Custom GFRC Canopies

Stromberg’s offers more information about how to design your custom GFRC canopy, including a catalogue of ideas and portfolio of examples. To get started on your custom GFRC play sculptures, please call our team at 903-454-0904 or send an email to [email protected] to receive more information as well as a free estimate.

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