Create Your Custom Brand Mascot with GFRC

We can create any type of mascot, big or small!

We can create any type of mascot, big or small!

GFRC Brand Mascots

As one of the most flexible and adaptable building materials available, GFRC, also known as glass fiber reinforced concrete, is ever expanding in its list of applications. In addition to playground equipment, murals, play sculptures and playground accessories, GFRC is now being used to create brand murals. Here’s why brand mascots work as a great marketing tool and why GFRC is the ideal material for them.

The Business Benefits of Adding a Brand Mascot

Think about some of the brand mascots that we can instantly recognize and attribute to a brand. Geoffrey the Giraffe is from Toys ‘R Us; the Green Giant is on the package of every type of frozen vegetable; Buzz Bee is part of Honey Nut Cheerios; and Energizer Bunny keeps going because of those batteries.

This instant recognition is provided because the brand mascot creates an image in our minds that we enjoy, makes us smile, and provides entertainment. For the business that creates them, they get the brand recognition that they are seeking through their marketing efforts.

Things to Consider When Designing a Brand Mascot

When creating a brand mascot, consider the following:

  • A cheerful brand mascot can bring out the same feelings in the customer or prospect that sees that mascot. Being able to make that person smile who sees your brand mascot will translate into a lasting memory about your brand and what it represents.
  • That doesn’t mean your brand mascot has to be cute, but you do want it to have some personality and maybe even a little attitude. Think about the M&Ms featured on TV and in print ads that each has their own character traits. This infusion of personality can even be added to inanimate brand mascots to create an indelible memory in consumers’ minds.

The Benefits of GFRC for Brand Mascots

To create a brand mascot that can be displayed at your business – either inside or outside – GFRC makes a great material to create this symbol of your brand. Here’s why:

  • GFRC is an incredibly versatile material that can be made into any shape and size, including everything from simple mascots to those that may have complex details. This makes the best material for making a completely custom brand mascot.
  • GFRC is made to last just about anything. According to many laboratory and field tests, that means it can handle exposure to water, UV rays, wind, extreme temperature changes, fire and seismic activity. Even with continual contact with people touching it, a GFRC brand mascot can maintain its integrity, continuing to look as new as the day it was installed.
  • Despite its durability and strength, GFRC is a lightweight material compared to other materials. This means that it can be easy to handle and install.
  • Since your GFRC brand mascot will continue looking good over time, you won’t have to be concerned with maintenance.

Custom GFRC Brand Mascots

Each brand mascot that the Stromberg Architectural team makes is completely custom and based on your specifications. If you are not sure what you want, you can work directly with Stromberg’s team to create something that represents your brand, including getting design assistance from experienced artists as well as receiving plans and renderings to ensure that the brand mascot looks just as you had envisioned.

Get a Free Estimate for Custom GFRC Brand Mascot

Stromberg’s team is available to answer questions about how to develop your own brand mascot. To get started on your custom GFRC brand mascot and get a free estimate for design and production, please call our team at 903-454-0904 or send an email to [email protected] to receive more information as well as a free estimate.

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