Beautiful, High Quality Play Sculptures in GFRC

GFRC Play Sculptures

Today’s playgrounds offer so much more than just a slide, swings, and set of monkey bars. As playground equipment has evolved, the idea of playscapes and very imaginative play environments have completely changed the look and feel of playgrounds. One new component now featured on playgrounds at schools, churches, resorts, hospitals and more is that of play sculptures. This article tells you what they are and the advantages that GRFC play sculptures have over those that are made with other types of materials.

Imagination at Work with Play Sculptures

Play sculptures offer so much more than just regular types of equipment when it comes to stimulating creativity and imagination in children of all ages. These sculptures are exactly what they sound – sculptures – but the only difference is that these play sculptures, unlike those found in a museum, are made to be climbed on and interacted with in different ways.

Play sculptures can be any type of object. Stromberg Architectural has many types, including animals, carousel horses, and mythical creatures like dragons just to name a few. The play sculptures can be buildings, including historical or fantasy structure, or items from nature like trees, logs, rocks and more. Depending on the theme of the playscape or playground, a set of play sculptures can be created to complement it.

Benefits of GFRC for Play Sculptures

All of the play sculptures designed and manufactured by Stromberg’s are made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Unlike other materials, GFRC provides a wide range of advantages when it comes to play sculptures, which are more likely to be placed outdoors in the harsh elements. Here are the benefits:

  • GFRC play sculptures are resistant to elements like water, wind, temperature and UV rays.  This means they hold up for more years than those made with other materials.
  • The play sculptures are strong and durable, which makes them resistant to constant use. This also reassures those that own the play sculptures that they will not crack or break, leading to an unsafe environment.
  • The GFRC play sculptures are lightweight because the material does not weigh as much as other materials. This makes them easy to handle, transport, and install.
  • This material is considered environmentally friendly, which means creating a greener playground that does not impact the environment while it was made or as it is used.
  • GFRC is a low-maintenance material that also helps to keep the costs down when it comes to upkeep or replacement expense.

Custom GFRC Play Sculptures

The artisans at Stromberg’s have been part of The Stromberg Group, which has applied their decades of experience making and using GFRC for a wide range of applications and products for projects all over the world, including playgrounds. All play sculptures are custom designed to suit customer preferences, space, and budget. More than just ideas and designs, creating play sculptures with the company means that you get access to design assistance, on-site consultations, personal recommendation, information about safety and accessibility rules, plans and renderings and even professional installation, when necessary.

Every aspect of your play sculptures can be customized – from the texture and color to the size and shape. You are involved throughout the process to ensure that your play sculptures are exactly as you had imagined. The best part of all is that this imaginative and durable GFRC play sculpture solution costs similar to standard play equipment and play structures.

Get a Free Estimate for Custom GFRC Play Sculptures

Stromberg Architectural has a team of knowledgeable experts that are available to give you more information on GFR play sculptures and a free estimate. To get started on your custom GFRC play sculptures, please call our team at 903-454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].

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