Create Custom Playground Equipment with GFRC

This Squash Slide was custom designed and created in the highest quality GFRC.

Custom GFRC Playground Equipment

Whether it’s for a school or church or it’s an addition to a resort or fun center, playground equipment is a great feature to offer kids and their families. The challenge has been ensuring the playgrounds are safe and accessible as well as finding a product that fits space and budget requirements. By partnering with Stromberg Architectural, you can address all these challenges and more with custom playground equipment made from long-lasting and versatile GFRC.

Benefits of GFRC for Playground Equipment

Each unique piece of playground equipment made by Stromberg’s is made from high quality glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Referred to as Smart Concrete, GFRC has a number of benefits that are perfect for playground equipment. These benefits include:

  • Weather resistance to handle the elements like rain, wind, extreme temperature changes and UV rays;
  • Strength and durability to withstand constant use as well as provide for a safer environment where the playground equipment does not crack or break;
  • Resistance to fire, smog, chemicals and acid rain; and
  • Environmental friendliness.

With a material that goes the distance, the playground equipment will look like new for years to come while requiring very little maintenance. This also means that, on a value basis, the investment in this playground equipment is significant with no ongoing replacement costs over time.

Custom Playground Equipment

Using the company’s 30 years of experience with architectural design and experience with developing and using GFRC, the artisans behind The Stromberg Group have created The 4Kids, providing unique playground equipment that sparks curiosity, imagination, and cognitive development. It’s about making playscapes that excite and stimulate children of all ages.

Custom design services for playground equipment go beyond a website or catalogue of slides, climbing walls, and balance bars. It is about creating a unique creative play experience that matches a facility’s brand, image, space and budget. To get you started, The 4 Kids team offers:

  • Portfolios of GFRC playground equipment projects
  • Design assistance
  • Information on safety and accessibility guidelines
  • CAD details, plans, and scale models
  • On-site consultations
  • Professional installation

Every aspect of the playground equipment can be customized with choices for:

  • Texture, including stone, wood, stucco, travertine, coral stone and fossil rock
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Design and play elements

Besides the flexibility in customizing all playground equipment projects, the price is right as well. Because you can work directly with the manufacturer, there are no extra costs. Often, the price for a custom GFRC playground is similar to what other playground equipment companies charge for pre-fabricated play structures.

Located in Texas, every custom playground is built on-site by our artisans and shipped out within an average of 9-12 weeks or longer for more complex playground sets.

Learn More Custom GFRC Playground Equipment

The 4 Kids has a team of knowledgeable experts that are available to answer your questions, provide information and assistance on how to build your custom playground, and give you a customized initial estimate for free. To get started on your custom GFRC playground, please call our team at 903-454-0904 or send an email to [email protected].

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