Why Use GFRC for Your Shower Surround

GFRC Shower Surrounds

Showers have become more than just a utilitarian box to get clean. They have become an oasis and important feature within a commercial or residential structure that adds comfort and relaxation not to mention helps to increase the re-sale value on a property or attract more guests.

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor shower, these luxurious bathing spots not only need to look the part, but they also must hold up over time. While natural materials look nice, they can be expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Using GFRC for Shower Surrounds

There is an alternative solution for creating a luxurious and unique shower surround without having to resort to depleting natural resources or running over budget. This alternative building material is called glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). It is a type of concrete that uses glass fibers for reinforcement instead of steel so there is no need for a protective concrete cover to prevent rusting.

Plus, using less material, which is also commonly made from recycled materials and does not rely on natural resources, is an environmentally sound material to choose, especially if you are looking to feature an ecological, or green, building.

GFRC weights a fraction of traditional precast concrete so it is quick and easy to work with, transport, and install. In fact, it weighs 80-95 percent less than traditional concrete.

It is also easy to work with in terms of molding it into any shape and making it look like any type of material. For a shower, that means it can be made to look like exposed aggregate, such as, river rock and coral stone, as well as natural stone, such as travertine limestone, marble, and granite.

The material can also be made to look like any color, pattern, and texture, including polished sides and a honed floor to offer beauty and the practicality of a non-skid surface. This type of design freedom means you can make a beautiful shower surround that looks exactly like any type of natural stone without the hassle, time, and cost.

Another benefit of using GFRC is that it can withstand water, making it an ideal choice as a material for a shower surround. In resisting water, it is less likely to start breaking down over time. And, if you plan on adding any outside shower surrounds near a pool area, the GFRC shower surround can withstand all of the elements, including wind, storms, temperature changes, insects and more. This longer lasting material makes it a value-added choice for use with a shower surround. Additionally, it does not require maintenance, which could also involve considerable cost and labor over time if a traditional material was used for the shower surround.

Information and Estimates for GFRC Shower Surrounds

The team at Stromberg Architectural can work with you to create a custom GFRC shower surround for your commercial or residential construction project. Fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904 to get more information and a free estimate for your GFRC shower surround today!

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