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Staircases in GFRC

  Staircases in Stromberg GFRC If you are looking for the perfect staircase, then look no further than Stromberg Architectural Products.  Stromberg  produces elegantly appointed staircases, made of the highest quality GFRC, for your home or business.  Looking for a change of pace? You’ll appreciate Stromberg’s fresh approach to your design challenges as they work […]

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Door Surrounds in GFRC

    Door Surrounds in GFRC Create a grand entrance with a GFRC door surround from Stromberg. There’s no better way to help protect your home or business and add style at the same time than with one of these functional architectural elements. A GFRC door surround helps protect your home with a tight sealing […]

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Medallions in GFRC

  Medallions in GFRC Stromberg has the largest selection of medallion designs that you’ll find anywhere. Choose from their stock designs or have them create one that’s uniquely your own. As an architectural ornament, GFRC medallions by Stromberg are an awe-inspiring addition to any room. To finish a dome, a chandelier or a building façade, […]

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