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Piers in GFRC

  Piers in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete An upright support for a balustrade, a pier can be used to mark an entryway or to accentuate patios, steps, pool decks and walkways. Piers can also add interest to a handrail system. As a design feature, a GFRC pier is the ultimate in functionality; if you’re planning […]

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GFRC Balustrades

      Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Balustrades by Stromberg A balustrade is a railing with supporting balusters, or posts. Balustrades can be used as a decorative feature or for safety reasons on stairways, balconies or rooftops. Inspired by Greek and Roman architecture, balustrades can be made of many different materials, but glass fiber reinforced […]

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