Cupolas in GFRC

GFRC Cupolas by Stromberg Architectural Products

Cupolas in GFRC

A light weight structure atop a dome or roof, cupolas can serve as belfries, a place to hang a bell, or as a lantern, a glassed-in or open air structure. Your Stromberg GFRC Cupolas can have a circular or polygonal base and be the crowning touch on a roof or a turret. As architectural features, cupolas are usually decorative and ornamental features on buildings, but can be small buildings in their own right.

Since GFRC Cupolas will sit atop your building or structure, it needs to be made of a light weight material. Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) from Stromberg is your best choice. They have crafted many unique cupola designs for famous hospitality locations like the Atlantis Resort and the Marriott Hotel. Stromberg has also embellished government buildings, condominiums and places of worship with cupolas made from GFRC.

Stromberg has the largest selection of cupolas anywhere. You can choose from their completely original custom designs in a range of materials, colors and finishes. Glass fiber reinforced concrete, GFRC, is a combination of cement, glass fibers, aggregates and polymers. Because it’s reinforced with glass fibers instead of steel, it weighs much less than pre-cast concrete and is the best choice for a cupola. The glass fibers won’t rust, so a protective concrete covering isn’t necessary. GFRC Cupolas are made to stand up to all kinds of weather and is even used in earthquake prone areas.

Stromberg uses molds, so they can cast your GFRC cupola in any shape or size that you want, or fashion it to have the look of limestone, terra cotta or construct it with an integral color.

Stromberg has 30 years of experience and 1400+ completed projects; they are the world leader in GFRC. You can rely on them to put their proven techniques to work to build your cupola to last for generations.

Features and Benefits of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • GFRC is lightweight yet strong and durable.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete is resistant to weather conditions like strong winds and salt air.
  • GFRC is rust resistant because it’s reinforced with glass instead of steel.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete is fire-retardant.

The Stromberg Pledge to You

The artisans at Stromberg Architectural Products will work very closely with you on your GFRC cupola from beginning to end. They’ll make sure they understand your vision and that the finished product meets all of your expectations. Stromberg is here to help with CAD details, design assistance and all specifications. Contact them today at (903) 454-0904 for your free custom quote, or email them.

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