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Interior Domes for Churches in GFRC

GFRC Interior Domes for Churches Nothing opens up a room like a tall ceiling, but to truly inspire awe, you need an interior dome. One of the most distinctive architectural elements of some of the world’s most famous churches and cathedrals, ceiling domes are timeless. Historically, interior domes were an architectural necessity of exterior domes; […]

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Coffered Domes in GFRC

              Coffered Domes in GFRC In architecture, coffering means a sunken panel in the shape of a square, rectangle or octagon in a ceiling, a soffit or a vault; the most famous coffered dome is the Pantheon in Rome. Architectural coffers can be plain or very ornately embellished; Stromberg […]

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Interior Domes in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

            GFRC Interior Domes First used in Roman architecture; domes created a large and elegant interior space and provided a sense of openness to buildings. Today domes can be seen more commonly in luxury resorts, hotels and casinos. An interior dome by Stromberg will enhance the visual appeal of your […]

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