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GFRC Molding

Stromberg GFRC Molding Designs in bas relief, complex and elegant ceiling designs, balconies and medallions; these are just a few of the ways GFRC molding by Stromberg can enhance a room. Glass fiber reinforced concrete molding makes floor to wall transitions more pleasing to the eye. Therefore, where you place GFRC molding and what design […]

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Pedestals in GFRC

  Glass Fiber Reinforced Pedestals As a base or support for a work of art, GFRC pedestals from Stromberg are available in lots of sizes, shapes, colors and textures. These durable pedestals are the ideal way to display your works of art, your plants, or your vases. Wherever you need a light, strong, attractive and […]

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Onion Domes in GFRC

                Onion Domes in Stromberg GFRC Onion domes are usually larger in diameter than the drum upon which they are set, with a height that almost always exceeds their width. The bulging structure of the onion dome tapers to a smooth point and makes for a charming architectural […]

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