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GFRC Cupolas for Churches and Cathedrals

                    Stromberg GFRC Cupolas Cupolas in GFRC offer aesthetic appeal for your church or cathedral. A major consideration for your cupola is how much it will weigh and how it will be supported; glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is your best choice. A very lightweight product, […]

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GFRC Cupolas for Government and Public Buildings

Cupolas in Stromberg GFRC A small, dome-like structure on top of a building, a cupola often caps a larger roof. Cupolas look like a vault or an upside down cup and can be put atop any kind of building, including government and public buildings. Stromberg has the largest selection of GFRC cupolas anywhere and they […]

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GFRC Exterior Domes

                    Exterior Domes in Stromberg GFRC For a striking architectural addition to any building, an exterior dome from Stromberg is the way to go. Possible choices include onion domes, coffered domes, cupola domes and semi-spherical shaped domes. Dome applications vary widely as well; they work well […]

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