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GFRC Barrel Vaulting

A barrel vault is an architectural element formed by the extrusion of a single curve along a given distance. Also called a tunnel vault or a wagon vault, barrel vaulting has been used since the days of ancient Egypt. Barrel vaulting can be seen in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City and the Cathedral of Cortona in Tuscany, among others. Stromberg has 30 years of experience working with glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), barrel vaulting. Many barrel vaulted ceilings are constructed of concrete, which is very heavy and requires wall supports and buttresses to be installed. With the use of GFRC for your vaulted ceiling, the job will be easier and faster. Glass fiber reinforced concrete is reinforced with glass instead of concrete, and is much lighter in weight, making it a better choice for your vaulted ceiling.

If your barrel vaulted ceiling needs renovation or restoration, Stromberg can use composites if replacement with the original material is not possible. The GFRC composite Stromberg uses can be an exact match with the original material used, and historical experts have accepted these composites as safe for use in these restoration projects.

Whatever the age of your barrel vaulted ceiling, Stromberg has the skill to restore it with the use of GFRC. This lightweight material is a combination of cement, glass fibers, aggregates and polymers that can be molded to any shape. Stromberg pioneered the use of glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC); the product is durable, weather and moisture resistant, fire retardant and attractive enough to enhance any setting.

 Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Features and Benefits

  • GFRC is lighter than stone and can be cast into any shape. It weighs 80-95% less than pre-cast concrete, yet has the look of natural stone.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete is mineral based and won’t burn. It will also protect the materials behind it from the heat of any flame.
  • GFRC can be cast in an integral color and texture like limestone, precast or acid wash. You can also get it in a paint grade to match the color of your barrel vaulted ceiling.
  • When Stromberg renovates your barrel vaulted ceiling with GFRC, it will have new strength and be longer lasting. GFRC is reinforced with glass fibers and has a high tensile strength.

 The Stromberg Pledge to You

Stromberg Architectural Products will partner with you throughout the entire process of renovation or restoration of your barrel vaulted ceiling. They will make sure that it is completed to your satisfaction and will provide CAD details as well as design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at (903) 454-0904 for a free custom quote, or email them.

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