Quoins in GFRC

GFRC Quoins from Stromberg Architectural Products

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Quoins by Stromberg


GFRC Quoins by Stromberg

As cornerstones for your building, you can’t choose a better product than glass fiber reinforced concrete quoins from Stromberg Architectural Products. Popular with architects and builders, GFRC quoins help make your structure look sound. More than just bricks or stones that make up the corner of a wall, quoins lend the look of strength to any structure and are virtually indestructible.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete quoins from Stromberg are the most believable architectural accents you can get for your structure.  GFRC quoins can be made to resemble a variety of materials, including stone, terra cotta and even wood; you’ll be inspired to express yourself with the colors, textures and designs that are possible.

Whatever style of GFRC quoin you choose, you can be assured that it will add depth and texture to your building and create a captivating look. Stromberg has embellished hotels, extravagant resorts, retail centers, and even churches with their exquisite GFRC quoins; they can work out a design for your unique needs using a range of textures and a variety of patterns.

Whether structural or decorative, you can make a bold and beautiful statement with quoins from Stromberg Architectural. The lightweight factor of glass fiber reinforced concrete means that your quoins won’t add undue weight to your structure. Climate and weather won’t affect them and they won’t crack or corrode.

Features and Benefits of Stromberg Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Quoins

  • Stromberg GFRC can adapt to almost any shape, no matter how complex. When you choose to use GFRC, your design flexibility is greatly enhanced and fine ornamental details are possible.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete qualifies as a sustainable material because it uses less cement than equivalent concrete. It also uses significant quantities of recycled materials.
  • GFRC from Stromberg is cast in thinner cross sections than precast concrete making it more affordable for decorative architectural elements.
  • Glass fiber reinforced concrete is extremely durable; it is waterproof, resistant to cracking and corrosion and will outlast precast concrete, cast stone and even some natural stone.
  • GFRC can be made to resemble many different textures and finishes including brick, travertine and sandblasted. Available colors include buff, dark buff and white.

For Help with Your Next GFRC Project

Stromberg Architectural has the solutions to your design challenges and can supply you with the perfect GFRC quoins. Experts from Stromberg will assist with CAD details and all design specifications. Call them today at 903-454-0904, or email them, and put their artistry and experience to work for you.

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