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Domes in GFRC

Atlantis Resort, Nassau Bahamas

Domes in Stromberg GFRC

Beautiful, strong and versatile, a dome is the most perfect of forms, and Stromberg Architectural Products has been producing GFRC domes for over 30 years. We learned long ago that by offering a variety of materials, we could help our clients select the dome material that is best for their project, and GFRC is a wonderful choice. Whatever your application, a dome in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete will almost certainly fit the bill.

Choosing the Right GFRC Dome for Your Project: Dome Types

There are several types of GFRC domes available to choose from, and Stromberg offers them all.

  • An exterior dome in GFRC is the most common dome available, and can be produced in almost any size, shape, or finish. Of all dome types, the exterior GFRC dome probably makes the most visual impact. Breathtaking and visually stunning, exterior GFRC domes are reinforced with fiberglass rather than steel. This significantly reduces the bearing weight of the building, and makes the GFRC dome easier to install.
  • An interior GFRC dome’s primary function is to add visual enhancement to a specific area of a building. While there are several Stromberg materials suitable for interior domes, GFRC is certainly a fine choice as well. Its mineral based, fire resistant qualities make it a great choice for large private residences, banks, and casinos.
  • Onion domes are a favorite among orthodox churches, Indian, and Islamic mosques, and minarets. Based on a fusion of Persian, Islamic and Indian architecture, the most famous example of the onion dome of the Mughal style are the domes of the Taj Mahal. Onion domes in GFRC can be finished in many different ways, such as gold leaf, aged brass, or bronze.
  • Coffered domes in GFRC, refers to the web-like construction of crossed supports that is overlaid to create a series of square, rectangular or octagonal recessed areas known as coffers. The most famous coffered dome is the Pantheon, in Rome. GFRC Coffers may be relatively plain, or they may be highly ornamented.

Features and Benefits of Stromberg GFRC Domes

  • GFRC domes are available in many colors and finishes.
  • GFRC domes are made of minerals and fire resistant.
  • Stromberg offers the largest selection of GFRC domes anywhere.
  • Domes in GFRC can be cast to virtually any shape.
  • Domes in GFRC are available in a variety of sizes.
  • GFRC domes are relatively lightweight, which allows for easier installation.
  • GFRC domes by Stromberg can be custom designed to suit your needs.

Featured GFRC Dome Projects by Stromberg

  • Atlantis Resort, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Fendi, Las Vegas, NV
  • Marriott, Orlando, FL

GFRC Dome Applications

A dome in strong, durable, quality GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) is the perfect choice for many applications, such as:

  • GFRC domes for churches, chapels and cathedrals.
  • GFRC domes for casinos.
  • GFRC domes for luxurious hotels and resorts.
  • GFRC domes for local, state and federal government buildings.

For More Information on Domes in GFRC

The imaginative design professionals of Stromberg Architectural Products are available to assist you with your GFRC project every step of the way. Stromberg offers design assistance, CAD details, and specifications. Visit Stromberg Architectural Products for more information about domes in quality GFRC, or call (903) 454-0904. Stromberg is here to help, and the initial consultation is free.

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