GFRC Countertops for Home and Business

GFRC Countertops

Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is becoming a popular material to use for countertops versus the conventional precast concrete that was previously used for contemporary kitchens and bathroom countertops. Decorative precise contractors like GFRC because of its flexibility, functionality, lightweight and durability.

Stromberg Architectural is putting its 30 years of experience as the world leader in GFRC design and installation to work on a wide range of GFRC countertop options and custom GFRC countertops. Completing more than 1,400 projects, the Stromberg GFRC team of professionals has the experience and expertise to create high-quality GFRC countertops for your residential or commercial project.

Designing and Manufacturing GFRC Countertops

Because GFRC is such a flexible material and can be made to emulate so many types of finishes, including a sleek and modern look to a textured look with fossils and glass chips or marble fragments, it is prized for its aesthetic benefits. That means you can have a concrete slab in your kitchen or bathroom, but it does not have to look like it just came from your driveway.

In fact, the design possibilities with GFRC are seemingly limitless, including stones, leaves, and more. Even hand-painted details can be incorporated. You can also add special edging or other features that are cast separately but that can be easily integrated with the GFRC countertop.

GFRC countertops are easier to manufacture as well because the castings weigh less, only a mold surface for one side is needed, and steel reinforcement is not necessary. Mechanical vibration is also not required. Besides the faster and easier manufacturing, transporting the GFRC countertops to the installation site costs less and there is little risk that the countertops will crack on the way.

Benefits of Stromberg Architectural Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete for Countertops

  • GFRC is extremely strong and durable, so the countertops are built to retain their beauty and practicality for years to come. The material’s increased tensile and flexural strength helps reduce the risk of cracking.
  • Stromberg GFRC materials can be customized to match any interior design or architectural style in your home or commercial building. Customization also includes size, shape, design and decorative pre-casting, color and more.
  • The GFRC countertops are all made in America by master craftsmen.
  • There is a range of textures (brick, travertine, terra cotta, exposed aggregate and more), stains, glazes, and paints to choose from when working with Stromberg on GFRC countertops.
  • Stromberg GFRC is incredibly lightweight, so it is easy to install GFRC countertops.

Your GFRC Countertop Partner

Stromberg is here to help you with high-quality GFRC, design assistance, measurement and installation of your GFRC countertops. Contact the Stromberg GFRC professionals at (903) 454-0904 for a free custom quote or fill out their online contact form.

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