Custom Cornice in GFRC

Custom Cornices in GFRC

Custom Cornices by Stromberg


Custom Cornice in GFRC

Whether for home or workplace, you want that one of a kind look for your custom cornice. GFRC custom cornice by Stromberg will add visual appeal as well as provide some protection for your structure. Custom cornice in glass fiber reinforced concrete can be placed over doors, windows or along the eave of your roof’s edge. To add visual appeal that exhibits our exceptional craftsmanship, GFRC custom cornice is your best choice.
This valuable design feature can help to lower your electric bills and reduce staining or fading to your building’s exterior. Custom cornice can be placed over doors, windows or along your roof edge; Stromberg’s professionals will help you determine the right placement for your GFRC custom cornice to fit your needs and budget. A combination of finishes and textures can be blended to create an unconventional look, or artfully adapt a more traditional design according to your taste.

GFRC custom cornice will give you the look of concrete without the added weight; because of this, we can usually install it free of extra supports. This means the installation will be faster and easier; you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your custom cornice that much sooner.

Design possibilities for custom GFRC cornice are almost infinite. We’ll honor your design ideas and provide you with a product that will define your structure. Stromberg artisans can add carved details, dentils, reveals and cantilevered projections to your custom GFRC cornice. Our emphasis is always on quality.

GFRC Benefits

  • GFRC comes in a variety of finishes. We can go bold with the look of granite, limestone or terra cotta, or provide you with the understated beauty of an acid-washed finish.
  • GFRC is virtually indestructible. This modern material is perfectly at home whether used inside or out. It won’t crack or corrode, will stand up to salt air, high humidity and hurricane force winds.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete can beautify and protect your residence or business. Put it to the test; it won’t let you down.
  • GFRC is an environmentally green product; Stromberg’s global leadership in the architectural field reflects their deep commitment to green design.

The Stromberg Pledge to You

The professionals at Stromberg Architectural have cultivated their expertise via 30 years of experience. As leaders in architectural design, they’ll partner with you and see your GFRC custom cornice project through to its perfect completion. Stromberg is here to help with CAD details, design assistance and specifications. Contact them today at 903-454-0904 for a free custom quote, and put their 30 years of experience to work for you.

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